Empowering Parents to Teach: Math Manipulatives

Math Manipulatives Must Haves

There are two items I always have around to help teach math- math bears and linking cubes. If I am tutoring, helping with my son’s homework, or trying to answer my preschooler’s math question, these two tools come in very handy!


Math is best learned in a hands on way. These two items allow me to do that by creating a physical representation of a math problem or concept. The best part is I can use them for so many things, I don’t have to buy a ton of different materials!


For older kids, there are a couple more items I like to keep around for more advanced concepts. I will share those in another post. You’d be surprised how much learning you can foster with just these two! If you are preparing your environment for teaching math, these are both great to have.



Math Bears

Empowering Parents to Teach: Math Manipulatives



Linking Cubes


Empowering Parents to Teach: Math Manipulatives


Both can be used for:



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Baby Bear Counters (102 ct.)

MathLink Cubes (Set of 100)

Snap Cubes Set Of 100 (Sorry, no picture)



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