Easy Sensory Play: Play-doh and Water


There are many easy ways you can use things you already have around your house to engage your child’s senses.  One simple sensory activity is to take some play-doh and add water!


As my kids played with play-doh one day, my son asked for a cup of water to pour over the dough. After that, both of my boys began exploring the water’s effect on the play-doh’s texture and consistency. Squishing it with their hands, cutting it with tools, and squashing it flat were highly enjoyable to them. Such a simple thing led to so much fun and a fantastic sensory play experience.












Empowering Parents to Teach- Sensory Play



As a bonus, if you leave the play-doh partially submerged in water overnight, the colors will begin to run into the water.


So, if your little one is bored and looking for some fun, break out the play-doh and add some water!



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