Empowering Parents To Teach: Non-fiction baseball books

Non-Fiction Books For Baseball Lovers

This book collection is designed for a baseball loving kid!  These non-fiction books will give your child the chance to learn more about the sport, the players, and the science behind the game.


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The Science of Hitting by Ted Williams 

Suited for older elementary age and above, this book offers an abundance of information about hitting.


Sports Science: The Physics of Balls In Motion by Madeline Goodstein

This book includes fun physics lessons using all kinds of balls used in sports.


Baseball: How It Works by David Dreier

From how a baseball is made to the rules of the game, this book supplies a ton of information!


The Best of Everything: Baseball Book by Nate LeBoutillier

This book really does have a little of everything. Plus, the vast amount of pictures adds to its appeal.


We Are The Ship: The Story of Negro League Baseball by Kadir Nelson

Rich with detail, this book takes you on a journey from the beginning of Negro League baseball to its end. The artwork in this is fantastic! For teachers, this would be a great addition to a classroom library.


Play Ball Like the Pros by Steven Krasner

This book has a question and answer section, glossary of terms, and memory page for each of the players interviewed. Kids will find this book helpful and entertaining.


The Closer by Mariano Rivera

This autobiography is written for older elementary and middle school students.


Jackie Robinson: Strong Inside and Out by Editors of Time for Kids

This biography gives children insight into how Robinson’s emotional strength helped him become the first African American Major League player in a time of extreme racism.


Pitchers: Twenty-Seven Of Baseball’s Greatest by George Sullivan

The book will introduce your child to the careers of some of baseball’s best pitchers!


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