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Celebrating Fall

With the first day of Fall around the corner, I have been busy planning a Fall themed day to celebrate!


On the first day of Fall, I plan to read three fabulous books to my boys.

Mouse’s First Fall by Lauren Thompson is geared to younger kids. Mouse excitedly runs and jumps in the leaves as Minka (another mouse) shows him all the beautiful shapes and colors of the fall leaves.  This book is perfect for young ones just discovering the beauty of the changing season.

Fletcher and The Falling Leaves by Julia Rawlinson is my new favorite book.  Rawlinson is a fabulous descriptive writer.  You can feel Fletcher’s concern and love for this tree as he desperately tries to help the tree keep its leaves.  It ends with a beautiful winter scene that shows Fletcher that the tree was preparing for a new season and that the tree will be ok without its leaves.  As much as we will read this book for enjoyment, it is also a wonderful mentor text for older children learning to write using vivid descriptions, precise verbs, and well developed characters.  I got this book at the library, but I am definitely purchasing this one to keep in our collection at home.

To add a bit of whimsy and humor to our day, we will also read Fall Mixed Up by Bob Raczka.  This story takes all the aspects of fall and switched them around.  For example, a bear is finding nuts and the geese are hibernating!  Your kids may a get a chuckle out of this one. They can “fix” the mix ups by correcting the silly sentences with true ones as you read.  It may even inspire your little ones to write their own silly story or poem.

We are a very science oriented family, so naturally we have to do a little bit of Fall science.  We read the book Why Do Leaves Change Color by Betsy Maestro already, so on the first day of Fall we will explore the colors and pigments found in leaves.  I found a fabulous website with many photosynthesis experiments and demonstrations.  Click here for the link to Seattle Pi where I found our latest science fun.  The demonstration we will do is under the heading, “Photosynthesis and Pigments”.  Using rubbing alcohol and white coffee filters your kids can see all the colors that are inside a leaf that we normally don’t see until the diminishing light of Fall and lower temperatures break down the chlorophyll.  Not only can your kids learn about leaf pigments with this demonstration, they are also learning about chromatography!


Getting our supplies ready


Happy First Day of Fall!


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